Sweatshirtblanket.com was started in the fall of 2008 in Yorkville, New York, but its legacy really began in the early 1900’s in this quiet scenic valley known as the Mohawk Valley Region. Generations of families worked in the many knitting mills that lined the historic Barge Canal. Clothing for the military and commercial use drove the local economic engine and did so for many years. But times had changed and the knitting mills moved south to places like North and South Caroilina, Virginia and Georgia leaving a world of creative and knowledgeable people behind to either learn new skills or adapt to the new economy.

Turn the page to 2008 and you see the birth of Sweatshirtblanket.com. Sweatshirtblanket.com has taken advantage of the past and has embraced the dynamic technologies of the 21st century to create a powerful source for clothing along with the decoration of that clothing. Having an ambitious owner, as well as a committed workforce, and using the latest screen printing technology technology and a customer friendly interactive website, Sweatshirtblankes.com has become a one stop source for sweatshirt and fleece blankets.

Sweatshirtblanket.com manufactures its blankets from raw material to final shipment. We are the final inspection and quality control point to assure our customers of the best blank or decorated products available. Our blankets reflect our company’s culture; we provide our customers with the competitive prices, the highest quality and the fastest delivery in order to make their event or their very own personal need a complete and rewarding experience.