6 after 6: Vox United

by PJ Mullen on October 30, 2010

in October 2010 Nominees, Spread Your Warmth

Our sixth, and final, “6 after 6″ participant for the October edition of Spread Your Warmth comes to us from last month’s contest. They were also the inspiration behind our participation in Blog Action Day 2010.

Vox United

The fourth nominee in the September edition of the Spread Your Warmth campaign is Vox United. They are an international non-profit organization working in sub-Saharan Africa. Their process revolves around collaborating with exemplary organizations and local community leaders to establish effective, sustainable responses to poverty and disease.

Vox United exists to facilitate a concerted effort among universities, local churches, humanitarian organizations and businesses to eliminate extreme poverty and disease in sub-Saharan Africa. They build international bridges resulting in viable, holistic, self-sustainable solutions in infected and underdeveloped communities.

Click to read the full profile for Vox United.

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