6 after 6: St. Louis Samoyed Rescue

by PJ Mullen on October 28, 2010

in October 2010 Nominees, Spread Your Warmth

Our fourth “6 after 6″ participant comes to us from the July Spread Your Warmth contest and was so very close to pulling out the win. We are very excited to be offering them another opportunity.

St. Louis Samoyed Rescue

The July edition of Spread Your Warmth keeps rolling along and our next nominee is the St. Louis Samoyed Rescue. They were founded in 1984 by several Samoyed owners who were concerned about the welfare of abandoned and unwanted Samoyeds. Incorporated in the state of Missouri, we are one of the oldest continuing breed specific rescue groups in the St. Louis area.

Samoyed dogs take their name from Samoyedic peoples of Siberia. An alternate name for the breed, especially in Europe, is Bjelkier. These nomadic reindeer herders bred the fluffy, white, smiling dogs to help with the herding, to pull sleds when they moved, and to keep their owners warm at night by sleeping on top of them.

Click to read the full profile for St. Louis Samoyed Rescue.

Get all bundled up!

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