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by PJ Mullen on August 19, 2010

in August 2010 Nominees, Spread Your Warmth

Today we have the seventh nominee for the August edition of the Spread Your Warmth campaign, the Cloth Diaper Foundation. This non profit organization is dedicated to helping qualifying families all over the United States get a jump start on cloth diapering.

The CDF believes that cloth diapers are a more natural, healthy alternative to disposables that reduce overall waste, thereby helping the environment. As a supplementary program, it is not their wish to be a family’s sole source for cloth diapers; rather, they assist families while they build their own supply of diapers. They accept donations given by caring individuals and redistribute them to families in need.

The Cloth Diaper Foundation was founded as Miracle Diapers in Oregon in January of 2005 to fill a need. There were many families who wanted to cloth diaper their children for health, economical, and environmental reasons but could not due to financial restrictions. After an overwhelming response, two more chapters were opened by the end of that year.

With the same great goals in mind, their fifth anniversary as cloth diapering charity brought about a complete overhaul and makeover of the Foundation from management to practices all to better serve their recipients and the cloth diapering community nationwide. Everyoneat the Cloth Diaper Foundation looks forward to a brighter future for our charity and continuing to assist those in need with getting a jump start on cloth diapering.

Their goal is to someday have representatives all over the United States and, as a result, be able to serve thousands of families in need and educate the public on today’s cloth diapers and therefore helping cloth become more mainstream.

Thank you to Lisa Johnston for nominating the Cloth Diaper Foundation for the August edition of Sweatshirt Blanket’s Spread Your Warmth campaign. If you would like to learn more about this great organization visit their website.

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  • hopescreations (Hopes Creations)
  • Deanna_roberts85

    I dont get what this orginazation needs with blankets the give out cloth diapers

  • Janetta

    First of all, I mistakenly liked Deanna’s post.rnrnSo, the Cloth Diaper Foundation helps people in NEED cloth diaper their children by providing them with some basic cloth diapering supplies. This is a nonprofit organization who has identified a need. If they want to cloth diaper, yet don’t have the funds to build a stash, do you think it is possible that they might need other things? Like a blanket? I do. The Cloth Diaper Foundation is one of my very favorite charitable organizations. Their staff (volunteers) are so dedicated to the job they do.

  • Lisa – @ljenator –

    Thanks Janetta!nnAlso, these blankets are actually for fund raising efforts, which is what we’d probably use them for! They would be blankets with our logo on them! :) nnWe have bills to pay, too!! :)

  • Roxanna

    I find it appalling that anyone would question why a CHARITY would be deserving of these blankets. As Janetta mentioned, there are people who need cloth diapers and the initial start-up costs of cloth diapering isn’t always affordable. You may not be aware that cloth diapers aren’t the folded pieces of cloth they used to be. There are snaps and velcro and all kinds of bells and whistles that disposable diapers do not have. Individuals cloth diaper for many reasons and it isn’t strictly because of financial hardship. There are those of us who are passionate about reducing our environmental footprint, so in a sense, we can be viewed as a multi-purpose organization. rnrnThis is a SPREAD YOUR WARMTH campaign. I had hoped this would include warming the hearts of others to our passion and our cause. There is a place for everyone in the nonprofit world.rnrn-Roxanna

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