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by PJ Mullen on June 9, 2010

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CAPPS Sweatshirt Blankets for KidsAfter the April contest ended and we contacted CAPPS about their win they made a request that we were more than happy to fulfill.

Through the Spread Your Warmth campaign we offer organizations a dozen of our customized sweatshirt blankets. Seeing how CAPPS is dedicated to helping families of children who have been diagnosed with craniosynostosis the over sized nature of our blankets didn’t make them that useful as gifts for the children.

As a result we altered our blankets by essentially cutting them in half for CAPPS, which resulted in them receiving a total of 24 child sized blankets to help them support their cause.

In the normal course of doing business we usually fulfill our customers orders and don’t really hear back from them when it comes to how they are using or enjoying their sweatshirt blankets. However, we have been fortunate to receive a picture from our good friends at CAPPS to see our sweatshirt blankets comforting a child.

This handsome young man you see here is Jude. He is one of the CAPPSKIDS and he is having a full cranial vault remodel today for his craniosynostosis.

We are honored that his blanket will be with in him the hospital and then back home when he is able to rejoin his family. Knowing that we have had the opportunity to play a very small role in his recovery makes everything we do totally worthwhile.

Jude will be in our thoughts and prayers today and throughout his recovery. We wish him and his family all the best so that he can go home as soon as possible.

We hope you will join us in sending good thoughts and vibes to Jude and his family.

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  • Brad Stabler

    Jude's surgery went well. He is now sporting a new and improved cranium and is cozy and warm in the hospital wrapped in his sweatshirt blanket. Thanks for supporting CAPPS and kids like Jude!

    Take care,
    Jude's Grandfather

  • http://www.sweatshirtblanket.com/ Sweatshirt Blanket Blog

    Thank you so much for the update on Jude. We are very happy to hear his surgery went well and our continued thoughts and prayers for a fast and full recovery. ^pj

  • Brad Stabler

    I held Jude as he slept for awhile today. The sweatshirt blanket kept us both cozy. Both his grandma and mom have napped in his hospital room under it as well.

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