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by PJ Mullen on June 25, 2010

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We are back with the next nominee for June’s Spread Your Warmth campaign. I apologize for the delay. My wife gave birth to our daughter early Monday morning and I am just getting my bearings back after a long, yet exhilarating, week.

The sixth nominee for this month’s campaign is A Better World. Their mission is to transform the community (specifically the Ashley Park and surrounding area in Charlotte, North Carolina) and its families through its youth (K-12) by building their mental, emotional and spiritual character.

A Better World was born out of a heart that is burdened to help the under resourced. In January 2001, with the help of Forest Hill Church and many others, they started an after-school program to improve the lives of the downtrodden, and give a sense of community to our neighbors. As is often the case with children who come from broken homes affected by single-parent rearing and impoverished conditions, children lack a strong identity with role models.

Initially they began operating the program two days a week with only eight kids enrolled, providing just snacks and the opportunity to go to Disney World. Those eight students did go to Disney World, and they all graduated from high school. They are all hard-working, productive citizens. Currently, the program now has 45 students enrolled, and offers a wide range of after-school and weekend enrichment opportunities.

Through A Better World all students receive an after-school snack, tutoring, mentoring, a nutritious dinner; and access to counseling, essential clothing items, and hygiene products.

They keep these children off the toughest streets of Ashley Park, and away from the negative influence of gangs. As a result, their grades improve, their confidence grows, and they get a new positive direction in their life. Your support ensures that these great kids can actualize their full potential.

Thank you to Fori McLean for nominating the A Better World for the June edition of the Spread Your Warmth campaign. If you would like to learn more about A Better World visit their website.

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