PODS Angels connect families, develop advocates

by PJ Mullen on May 26, 2010

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The next nominee is the May edition of Sweatshirt Blanket’s Spread Your Warmth campaign is PODS Angels. PODS Angels, which stands for parents of down syndrome angels, is a non-profit support group organization for parents of down syndrome.

PODS Angels began in 1998 after the the founders’ daughter was born with down syndrome. Ever since that time PODS Angels has been helping families get connect to one another for friendships, support and encouragement.

The support created by this organization has been instrumental in helping families go through the maze of early intervention services and therapies that are available today. PODS Angels works to develop of advocacy skills in parents to enable them to be the best advocates they can be for their children. This is especially important when it comes to matters of the child’s education and designing necessary individual education plans (IEPs) with their schools.

In addition to promoting advocacy, PODS Angels also holds “Angel Gatherings in the Park” in different area parks monthly for families to get together and support one another. These are also great opportunities for brothers and sisters to get to know other siblings with a family member that has Down syndrome.

The person who nominated PODS Angels for the May edition of the Spread Your Warmth campaign has asked to remain anonymous, but we appreciate them sharing PODS Angels with us. If you would like to learn more about PODS Angels or their mission visit their website.

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