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by PJ Mullen on April 9, 2010

in April 2010 Nominees, Spread Your Warmth

Today we are pleased to present the first nominee for the Spread Your Warmth campaign. As a father, this particular nominee is a special one because there is nothing more important in my life than my son.

Wediko Children’s Services is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that has been serving children, families, and schools since 1934. Wediko’s mission is to improve children’s lives through a range of therapeutic services and programs which are tailored to fit each unique child and situation.

From summer and year-round residential programs on our 450-acre, wooded New Hampshire campus to school-based interventions provided by our 50 Boston-based clinicians, Wediko strives to collaborate with families and schools to improve outcomes for vulnerable children.

The one thing that all families who find themselves at Wediko have in common is that they love their son/daughter and they have realized that as parent(s) they need assistance helping their son/daughter. Aside from the love they have for their son/daughter, families come to Wediko with a range of strengths and challenges.

The students that come to Wediko are similar in that they struggle to find success at home, in school, or with friends. They need structure, consistency, and compassion to learn the skills they need to be successful. Although at times they do not show it, they want to be successful, they want to learn, they get excited when they do something they know will make their parent(s) proud.

Thank you to C.C. Chapman for nominating Wediko. If you would like to learn more about Wediko, visit their website or become a fan on Facebook.

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  • C.C. Chapman

    Thank you for exposing the world to such a great organization.

    A little over a year ago I was asked to join the Board of this wonderful organization and in that short time I've completely fallen in love with the work they do.

    Last summer I had the chance to visit the camp in New Hampshire and to see these kids and how the staff interact and are helping them really touched my heart. So many of these kids would never be able to work through their problems if it was not for organizations like this and I'm glad to now be part of it.

    If someone reads about Wediko and is interested in donating, you can do so online at

    We are in the middle of a big 75th anniversary celebration with a great event on May 8th if you are interested.

    Thanks again for shining a light on Wediko.

  • PJ Mullen

    Anytime, thank you for letting us know about Wediko. Definitely a great cause and an important mission. All the best for 75+ years of helping children reach their potential.

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