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by PJ Mullen on April 20, 2010

in April 2010 Nominees, Spread Your Warmth

Today’s nominee for the Spread Your Warmth campaign comes to us from Lauren who nominated SOAR – the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue. SOAR is a very dedicated group of volunteers in Southern Ontario, Canada, committed to rescuing all breeds of dogs in need.

As a Non-Profit Organization with extremely limited resources, SOAR rescues every single animal that it is able to, including animals that have been abandoned or rejected due to ill health, abnormalities or old age; something most rescue groups are unable or unwilling to do.

They are only able to do this only with the public’s generosity. SOAR receives no funds from any agency, corporation or government. All monies are raised through the time and efforts of our volunteers at events through out the year, such as dog shows, pet shows like Woofstock and SOAR-run events like their annual Christmas Party and Summer Dog Days.

In addition to adopting pets, SOAR is always looking for individuals or families to provide foster care for their dogs. They consider foster homes to be the most important part of rescue. Without these generous homes, they would not be able to help dogs in need.

If you live near SOAR and are willing to provide a loving homes that will be able to provide patience and a safe place, they’d love to hear from you. Most animals have often had some horrible episodes in their past, such as abuse or abandonment. Foster homes need to be able to help these animals become socialized and well-mannered, in order to live as well thought-of members of their community.

Even if you aren’t able to adopt or foster a dog you can provide support by sponsoring a dog so that SOAR can continue to provide the care that these dogs need.

Thank you to Lauren for nominating SOAR for the Spread Your Warmth campaign. If you would like to learn more about SOAR, their mission or to make a donation, visit their website.

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